We would appreciate your cooperation, if you keep these rules below.


<Common rules in our house>

・Please help yourselves. If you use dishes and cups, please wash and turn put on the appointed place.Set a sheet and a pillow cover by yourselves.

・Check in Yumebito House from 15:30 to 21:00.

・Check out until 11:00.

・We work from 9:00 to 21:00. But we live in this house, please tell us.

・Please save energy and water.

・Secure your valuables by yourselves.

・Don’t be noisy.

・We don’t prepare tooth brushes and tooth paste,sleep-ware and so on,,,. So please bring them by yourselves.

・We have a shower room. It costs ¥300 per 1 person. And if you use the shower, please wash inside for next user. And we also recommend you to use 銭湯(public bathes) nearby. 銭湯 is a Japanese typical culture. Please enjoy Japanese life style.

・Don’t smoke in this house.We have two smoking areas outside. One is in the right-hand side of the entrance, another is in the outside of  common space at the 3rd floor.


<Rules in dormitories>

・Dormitories are places to sleep for everyone. Be considerate to each other and let’s make a comfortable time.

・Please don’t eat something, don’t drink alcohol in dormitories. To drink tea and water is OK.

・Lights-out time in dormitory is 23:00. Please turn off the lights at 23:00.

・Don’t speak loudly. Especially after 23:00, please be calm in dormitories.

・Don’t leave your garbage in dormitories. Garbage boxes are at the common space in 1st floor.

・Please set your cell phone on vibrate.

・Care your volume of  a morning alarm.

・When you check out, please return your bed to its original state.