We have 2 dormitories(female dormitory and mix dormitory) in Yumebito House.


Dormitory : ¥2,500/1 night for 1 bed

And we also have semi-private room(Dormitory, each bed separated with walls, wider than regular dormitory) and private room in Yumebito House 2.


Semi-private room (Dormitory)  : ¥3,000/1 night for 1 bed

Private room (1 person) : ¥4,500/ 1 night

(2 persons): ¥3,500/ 1 night for 1 person

(more than 3 persons): ¥2,800/ 1 night for 1 person

If you want to stay for more than 1 night, or you want to make a group reservation, please write details at ‘Notes’ column.

And a cat lives in Yumebito House.

So if you don’t like cat or you have a heavy cat allergy, please refrain from staying at Yumebito House.

※I will answer within 2 days from your reservation.

※When you don’t receive our response, please phone us. Depending on setting of your e-mail, you don’t receive our e-mail.

※When you make a reservation, we may possibly have no vacancies already. If you want to know our availability, please phone us.(Our mobile phone number:+81-80-3529-9788)

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