What’s ‘伊勢(Ise)’?


The most sacred city in Japan!!

We have Ise Jingu in Ise city. Ise Jingu is an ancient Shinto shrine over 2000 years old and considered to be Japan’s religious and spiritual center. Over 1500 religious ceremonies are held in a year. And Ise Jingu also includes 2 main shrines, 14 auxiliary sanctuaries, as well as 109 lesser sanctuaries, which are generally located around the Ise City area.

As the gateway and hub city to the Ise Shima area. And Ise Shima area you can enjoy its beautiful natural landscape, the mix of mountains and the sea, crystal clean rivers, the rich natural history and the abundance of delicious seafood.

We welcome you very much!!


Sights Information


Naiku is one of the main shrines in Ise Jingu. The supreme deity Amaterasu Omikami is enshrined here and worshipped as the predecessor of the Imperial Household and the guardian deity of Japan. And she is also believed as the god of the sun.


Geku is thecanother main shrine of ise Jingu.It is dedicated to the deity Toyouke Omikami, provider of sacred foods to the deity Amaterasu Omikami and guardian of all industry. It is customary to worship at Geku before Naiku.

金剛證寺 Kongoshoji

This temple protects the northeastern direction(considered to be the unlucky direction since ancient times) of Ise Jingu, The main building is registered as a national tangible cultural property. Uho-doji ,the god worshiped in this temple, is considered to be the same as Amaterasu Omikami.


Futami Okitama Jinja & Meotoiwa (wedded rock Sarutahiko Omikami and other two deities are enshrined in this shrine. Here, people often worship for relationships and happy marriages. A beautiful moon rising can often be seen between the rocks in winter (November through February) . And also an impressive sun rising can be seen during the spring and summer (April through August).


Matsuo kannonji (temple) Matsuo kannonji is known as the oldest temple in Japan for exorcising evil spirits from people. It is has also the legend of two dragons. The legend says they live in a pond near this temple.


Okage Yokocho Okage Yokocho is a recreated traditional Japanese market area. Visitors can enjoy Okage Yokocho’s traditional buildings and atmosphere and will find interesting shops and delicious restaurants as well as festivals and entertainment performances throughout the year.